Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between AOUGC and AOUGCC?

AOUGC and AOUGCC have previously been hosted every two years, alternating. AOUGC was for National Teams and AOUGCC was for Club teams.

What teams can compete at AOUGC 2019?

AOUGC 2019 is open to National and Club teams.

What will the 2021 and ongoing events be called?

The National/Club team system will now be in place for this upcoming and all future Regional events. The name of the event will continue to be AOUGC ongoing. At some point in the future, as Ultimate grows, WFDF will revisit this system and possibly make changes to reflect a new reality.

What is the rationale of allowing club and national teams to participate at AOUGC 2019?

One of the main goals for WFDF Regional events is to foster the growth of the sport by offering as many international event playing possibilities as we can. Within a region, we see different levels of development, as well as different ways in which Ultimate is organised. As such, it has been decided to not restrict these events to only one of either “National” or “Club” teams, but to create a hybrid system that allows both to participate. Allowing National teams lets smaller National Federations bring together players from across their nation to form a team, where otherwise one may not be possible if there were not a large enough population in one area willing to attend the event. National teams also allow medium sized countries to create a true “National” all-star team to compete at the highest level. Allowing Club teams allows for more playing opportunities for players in the region and doesn’t restrict medium and large countries from sending only a single team. The opportunity of teams to play against more teams from more countries at these events benefits everyone in the region.

Does participation in AOUGC contribute to the WFDF Ultimate World Ranking Points?

Starting in 2019, WFDF will be including the results of Regional events in our World Ultimate Rankings. As we do for WUCC, a country will gain points based on the finishing position of the highest ranked team from that country in each division.

How will seeding of national and club teams be determined?

Seeding is usually difficult even for “all club” or “all National” team events due to the lack of recent results. WFDF will look at past regional events to inform seeding, and we will ask countries to rank the teams they are sending against each other (EG, AUS 1, AUS 2) when there is more than one team from one country in a division. We will also poll teams coming to the event before seeding is firmed.

How are bids allocated, is priority given to National or club teams?

WFDF gives out bids for events to National Federations. Those NF’s then let WFDF know what teams are attending from their countries using those bids. When we get an expression of interest for a National Team, it is most often coming from the National Federation, so it follows that should the NF get a single bid, they will give it to the National team they are creating.

How will eligibility for players for teams be determined?

National and Club teams will follow the current WFDF definitions in the Championship Appendix. While a Club team could include players from outside the country creating an advantage, a National team can select any player from within the country, which gives National teams a different advantage. It should be noted that Club teams should not be “reaching out” to new players and should mostly roster players who are connected with their clubs, as per WFDF club team rules.

Will Club teams and National teams compete against each other?

Yes, all teams in each division will compete for the title of Champion. There will be no separation of Club or National teams at any time.


The AOUGC 2019 logo use guidelines

“Teams competing at “NAME OF EVENT” are permitted to use the official event logo on their uniforms. Official logo must be no larger than 4”/10cm wide and can be used only once on any piece of official playing uniform. (Light and dark competition jerseys and shorts only). The “NAME OF EVENT” logo may not be used on non-uniform aspects intended for wear off the competition field. (Hats, long sleeves, warm-ups, etc.)”

Teams are reminded to refer to the WFDF Rules of Ultimate Appendix C – Uniform Requirements and to adhere to all matters outlined within when designing and ordering uniforms.

WFDF’s Official Apparel Partner VC Ultimate are offering a 20% discount on VC team uniforms for all teams registered at a WFDF World and Continental events. Feel free to reach out to them for professional design services and priority production and to ask any questions you may have.

All Teams are reminded that WFDF reserves the right to require a team to alter or replace text or graphics. If printing team names and logos on uniforms (especially club teams) and you are unsure if they meet the rules, please ask.