You are responsible for obtaining the correct paperwork to visit the China to compete at AOUGC 2019. Please note that we cannot provide specific advice on the process, but we do strongly recommend that you get started as soon as possible.

The TOC can provide your team administrator with a letter confirming your team’s registration at the event. To do that we generally require confirmation of the following details for all the members of your group: full name (as shown on passport), passport number, date of birth and role on team (i.e. player, coach, manager, etc).

Please make sure you leave us some time to produce this document: do not assume that we can send it back the same day! Find out if you will need a hard copy with original signature – obviously that will take extra time so please plan ahead.

Please note: we cannot and will not provide a formal “invitation” to attend the event and non-ability to enter the China is not grounds for a request of a refund for a team and/or player fees.

Instructions for Chinese Visa Application

How to apply? –